The ones that get away

I woke up three times in the night trying to solidify a blog post idea for today that was flitting around my mind. But like the beautiful,  colorful, yet elusive butterflies that grace my gardens from the spring to the fall, the idea flitted away. I woke with nothing.

I have been carrying a small notebook in my purse for a while now to catch these elusive ideas, and sometimes I do. I bought a tape-recorder many years ago and kept it in my car for those times when my mind loves to play as I drive along a highway. I rarely used it. Instead, when a wayward, yet interesting thought pops into my head, I try my old memorization technique of repetition until I can get someplace where I can write it down. That usually works during the day. But at night, not so much.

Perhaps another little notebook on my bedside table?

My next task is to get myself organized and collect the snippets I do catch somewhere I can find them again. Maybe next year will be the year.

So here’s to the fascinating post that never made it out of my head and you and I will never read.

Do you ever lose great ideas? What do you do to catch and keep them?

From Butterflies of Brazil —2011 Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory

In search of birds on Murphin Ridge

We know they are here. We can hear them, a repetitive chirp here, a persistent caw there, a warble, a trill, on Murphin Ridge.

We wander, at times on a dirt trail through sun-dappled woods, or on a mowed grass path through bright meadowlands, the woods reclaiming with cedar seedlings scattered throughout.

Honeysuckle vines grow densely along the trail. The air is laden with the sweet fragrance of their flowers.

We hear them calling, from the tree-tops where they perch behind the shield of leaves, hiding from us, taunting us, “Find me if you can.”

On Murphin Ridge, the air alone will soothe the soul. Up high on this ridge, close to the sky, away from the pressing, hurried crowds, and buzzing electronics, it’s easy to stop when the birds call for us to listen.

Blue Jay in the woods.
This cardinal is looking straight at me. I think I disturbed his morning jaunt. He doesn't look very happy.
"Aw, well. Now that's she's here. I might as well show her my best side. Grudgingly."

Blogging today from Murphin Ridge Inn in Adams County, Ohio. Where we sat in the rockers on the log cabin porch, on a fine breezy, blue-skied afternoon,

and watched the butterflies play.

Spicebush swallowtail
Spicebush swallowtail and friend