A sneak peek of Dancing in Heaven

I just wanted to let all my blogging friends and those who have followed my self-publishing journey know that Dancing in Heaven is being featured in a “Sneak Peek” today by Indies Unlimited.

Indies Unlimited is dedicated to the independent authors, publishers, reviewers and readers. “A major challenge for any indie author is the lack of established infrastructure in place to market indie books. It can be challenging and time-consuming to get the word out about your book, to find reviewers, and to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page. As a new author, I was delighted to discover a very high level of mutual support and camaraderie in the indie author community. This platform is born from that spirit of mutual aid and support.” (About Indies Unlimited)

Dancing in Heaven will also be featured in the Indies Unlimited Store.

The Sneak Preview is a short excerpt from Dancing in Heaven that hasn’t yet been published on my blog. (You can read/hear me read additional excerpts at Dancing in Heaven.)

I’d like to thank Indies Unlimited, and all of my readers in advance for reading and sharing with your social network this opportunity to get the word out about Dancing in Heaven.

I hope you’re having a great day.

The weekend is coming.

Writing through the grief

Just a short note today. I’d like to invite you to read my guest post, How Memoir Writing Helped Me to Grieve My Loss, at Kathleen Pooler’s blog — Memoir Writer’s Journey. Kathleen is a writer and a retired family nurse practitioner. She is working on her own memoir about “the power of hope through my faith in God. Hope Matters” and believes “we are all enriched when we share our stories.” In the 2-1/2 years she’s been blogging, Kathleen  posts writing and publishing tips that have helped her along the way.

I initially found Kathleen on Twitter and when I realized she was a nurse practitioner, I asked her if she’d like to read Dancing in Heaven. Nurses have been among my best supporters. She subsequently read and reviewed Dancing in Heaven on Amazon and Goodreads.

I’d like to thank Kathleen, for the lovely reviews of Dancing in Heaven and for inviting me to be her guest today.

I hope you are able to take a minute to read my thoughts about writing through the grief.

How Memoir Writing Helped Me to Grieve My Loss~ A Guest Post by Christine Grote

Self-publishing update — 2nd Quarter 2012

2nd Quarter Promotional Activities

As I mentioned in my last self-publishing update, my promotional activities for Dancing in Heaven continue to be on a very low burner. When I bump into something like a review site or the opportunity for a guest post, I try to take advantage of it, otherwise I’ve pretty much moved on.  I know that Dancing in Heaven is available for anyone who wants to read it. I may try to place an ad or contact select places that might have an interest, but the overall marketing approach that many self-published authors take is not for me. I continue to be amazed that sales are trickling in one at a time, a handful a month. Who are these brilliant people who are finding and buying my book? I’ll never know, but am grateful for them. They are keeping Annie’s story alive.

I did have a couple of fun speaking events in April.

04-05-2012 — Spoke at Jeffrey Hillard’s Cincinnati Authors class at the College of Mount St. Joseph
04-11-2012 — Spoke to the Friends of the Library group and students at Kettering College in Dayton, Ohio
04-18-2012 — Talked with readers at an extended book club meeting hosted by Nancy Chadwick

05-31-2012 — Announced winners of a book giveaway on my Facebook author page

You can read about all three of my April speaking events at my April 19 blog post: Readers continue to amaze, surprise, inspire, and uplift me.

Reviews and Interviews:

The following book reviews and guest posts were published by bloggers in April through June:

06-02-2012 — Guest post at Wrote by Rote
06-07-2012 — Review by Marion Driessen at Figments of a Dutchess
06-07-2012 — Interview at Reviews by Jane
06-28-2012 — Dancing in Heaven appeared in the UD Magazine on the Alumni Bookshelf and online at UD Quickly

Future Promotional Activities

I continue to be undecided about the Amazon KDP Select program that I mentioned in January. For now I’m doing nothing about it.

I may decide to pay for an advertisement if I find a site that I believe would be good for it.

I plan to request a review from the Midwest Book Review.

I will continue to look for possible reviewers.

I am scheduled to speak at the Cincinnati Author’s class at the College of Mount St. Joseph in the fall.

2nd Quarter Sales

Month Number sold
April  31
May  9
June  20
2nd Quarter Total 60
1st Quarter Total 74
December Total 42
November Total 34
October Total 33
Grand Total  243

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller, American Writer and Lecturer

See links to more posts about my self-publishing journey.

A hat trick week for Dancing in Heaven

I want to thank all of you who followed me around the blogosphere this week. First I had the kind invitation from Arlee Bird to guest post at Wrote by Rote. Then my dear blogging friend, Marion Driessen, from the Netherlands posted her amazing review of Dancing in Heaven on Figments of  a Dutchess. And now to end this incredible week, Kaity-Jane has posted a book-showcasing of Dancing in Heaven and a short interview at Reviews by Jane. If you can spare a minute today I hope you’ll stop over there.

A big thank you to Arlee, Marion, and Kaity-Jane. It’s been a great week.

Dancing in Heaven receives glowing first international review


Those of you who regularly follow my blog will know that I recently sent a copy of Annie’s story dancing across the ocean to the small country of the Netherlands where my blogging friend Marion waited with open arms.

This morning I sat at my computer intent on posting a blog I had written yesterday about motherhood, but first I checked my email. That’s where I found out that Marion has finished Dancing in Heaven and written an absolutely heart-breaking review of the book. It continues to both surprise and validate me when readers are able to put into words what I had hoped to write. Marion has done this.

I hope you have a minute to stop over and read the conclusion to our ongoing series about Dancing in Heaven‘s trip to the Netherlands.

Dancing in Heaven

Posted on June 7, 2012 by Marion Driessen at Figments of a Dutchess

“As I turned the last page, tears were streaming down my face. Happy that sweet little Annie was finally able to dance in heaven, no longer hampered by the prison that her body had been for her sparkling and merry mind. Sad that her radiant smile was now only a memory.” Continue

Photo courtesy of Marion Driessen at Figments of a Dutchess June 7, 2012

This was a fun and rewarding adventure for me and Annie’s story. If you missed any of the posts you can find them below.

Thank you Marion. You’re a terrific writer and friend.

Why we write our stories — a guest post at Wrote by Rote

I’d like to thank Arlee Bird at Wrote by Rote for the invitation to write a guest post on his blog about memoir writing. Why we write our stories, is a post I wrote about writing stories in general and Dancing in Heaven in particular. I hope you’ll stop by and read it there today or sometime through next week.

In addition to Wrote by Rote, Arlee is the author of  Tossing it Out (his main blog), A Few Words (a Sunday contemplation), and A Faraway View (about dreams). Arlee also initiated  April’s A to Z challenge.

Thank you, Arlee, for your interest in Dancing in Heaven, and your invitation to guest blog.

A bouquet of wildflowers to you.

Unmined memories

I woke up with a new memory of Annie running through my head. It will probably be running through my head the rest of the day.

Annie, Annie, bo banny

Banana fanna fo fanny

Me mi mo manny


The Name Game written and recorded by Shirley Ellis was first released in 1964. Annie loved it when we sang it to her. I had forgotten. And I might wish later today that I’d never remembered.

In case you can’t recall the tune, here’s the video. Click it at your own risk.

 I decided to give away three books in honor of Annie’s birthday. I drew the winner’s names this morning and will be posting them on my Christine M Grote Facebook page once I have confirmation from the winners. (If you didn’t get a message from me on Facebook today, it probably means you didn’t win.) If you haven’t yet “liked” my Facebook author page, it would be great if you could spare a minute and go over there to click the “Like” button on the top of the page. I make shorter announcements and may have other contests over there later on.


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