A windy morning at the VOA

The wind is brisk. It chills the early May morning air and bends the tall grasses bordering dense fields of lavender clover.

Ducks are slow to wake

at water’s edge.

But the geese are ready to start the day.

A little house sparrow already hunts for food.

And an American Coot is out on the water.

Nature’s garden paints a picture in lavenders, white, and yellows.

A robin turns her head to watch me pass.

Another finds a worm.

While red-winged blackbirds

guard the fields

from tops of trees

and stems.

A juvenile learns his trade.

High in the sky birds chases a hawk

Eventually driving it to the ground.

The wind flips leaves on a young oak tree, bends the reeds, and ripples the water.

Geese with their goslings head for the water.

A robin scavenges a dried, stiff worm from the walk, keeping her eyes on the little white dog

who merely watches.

The man and the dog both stand and watch.

The dog-walker making it possible for me to share this walk with you.


Photos taken at the Voice of America Park – Butler County, Ohio

A little Christmas Eve story with Happy Holiday Wishes

Arthur stands at the window all day and watches.  He looks up.

He looks down. What is he looking at?

Oh my. Arthur sees a squirrel up on the chair. The squirrel is trying to jump to the bird feeder.

The squirrel gives up and goes for the easy pickings.

Arthur barks at the squirrel.

The squirrel doesn’t care. The squirrel only worries when I say to Arthur, “Do you want to get the squirrel?” and Arthur turns and dashes  from the room. He runs around the banister in the hall, taking the curves on three-legs. He runs to the door and gets into a stance to sprint. When I open it, he dashes out the door straight for the squirrel. The squirrel is halfway across the driveway or up a tree by the time Arthur makes it across the porch.

It’s no wonder Arthur barks at those pesky squirrels.

Who invade his territory.

Arrogantly tease him.

And then run away.

But Arthur doesn’t worry. He’ll be right back here at the window tomorrow. Doing his job.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it with us. And happy winter holidays, however you celebrate them, from the squirrel-chasing, bird-defending little white dog and me.