One day more

I woke up this morning grateful that our presidential election here in the United States of America is finally drawing to a close. One day more of campaign ads on the TV, campaign ads on the web, campaign ads littering the roadsides I drive. One day more of a barrage of phone calls from Cleveland and Columbus. . .

One day more of hope and uncertainty.

Then begins the disillusionment, disappointment, and outright anger that will be flung around for a while from disgruntled voters and politicians on the “losing” side. For the losing side will actually be a winning side in many states. Perhaps the losing side will actually be the winning side in the population as a whole—it’s happened before and I can tell you, if you happened to forget, it wasn’t pretty.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I lean to the left. But I understand and appreciate some of the philosophies of the right. I believe that is the way we all should strive to be instead of so combative and divided in this country.

I agree with the Republican concept of fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction.

I don’t understand the outrage over Obama Care. I really don’t. I know it may not be a perfectly defined system as it stands, but it is a beginning. Most other developed countries have a system of healthcare. And I think we live in a whole world now, and not an isolated country with some kind of misplaced sense of superiority that Americans know best. But regardless of what other countries are doing, I don’t know how it makes sense to continue the way we were going with health care. Many people are angry about the mandate to have insurance. But anyone who shows up at a hospital will be taken care of in this country whether they have insurance or can pay for it or not. Who pays for this? We are all paying for this in the form of medical costs and insurance premiums.

I agree with the concept of smaller government.

But I also think that people are flawed by nature and that history—from the days of feudal lords to corporate moguls—has shown time and time again that left to our own devices those with power (money) will more likely be driven by greed than goodwill. Corporations and businesses have a necessary place in our society, but they should not be the defining culture that makes us Americans.

Hopefully we will have a definitive election and by tomorrow night we will know who will lead this country for the next four years. And maybe, hopefully, this time, we will find a way to work together regardless of who it is.

One more day.