7:10 a.m.

I step out onto the front covered porch. Arthur pulls on the lead in my hand. I am warm enough in my pajamas and robe on this mild winter morning.

Arthur stops at the edge of the porch. I always think he sees, hears, or smells another animal when he does that. Maybe he’s just being sure.

I look around also. It is dark, but my eyes adjust and I can see the silhouette of the branching arms of the locust tree. Four porch lights glow across the front of the vacant house to my left around the bend of the lane. Straight ahead a series of small bright lights from the homes on a neighboring street shine through the winter woods barren of leaves. I’ll not see those lights come spring.  The new neighbors’ house to the right, at the corner, is brightly lit on both the back and the left side that are visible from where I stand, perhaps to discourage burglars. I wonder if our motion-detector security lights around back where it’s near the woods still work. The new neighbors’ strand of Christmas lights sparkle across their back porch rail.

Arthur tugs and pulls on the retractable dog leash as he steps off the porch and meanders through the foliage in the landscaping that stretches across the front of the house and along the bend of the sidewalk to the tree.

I notice a drip, drip, drip from the rain spout to my left. Otherwise I hear nothing except the steady drone of distant traffic. The juvenile owl, with its awkward squawk must not be visiting this morning. Ah, now the soft whistle of a train miles away breaks the silence.

Arthur is taking his time.

The sky is beginning to lighten to a dark gray-blue, as the place where I stand, on this glorious planet we call home, turns towards the sun and the dawn of a new day.


20100114 - Sunrise
January 14, 2010

It’s a new year

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe sun is still low in the sky, but if I’m going to try to catch an early morning sunrise, I’m going to have to rouse myself before 8:30.

Happy New Year.

It’s a new year with a new look. I finally managed to change WordPress themes. I had been dragging my feet on it because I was afraid it would create a lot of problems with menus, widgets, pictures, and such that I would have to spend time I didn’t have on correcting. But WordPress discontinued support on my old Clean House theme and I was having problems doing things I wanted, so I took the leap to Twenty-Sixteen. Now I’m really current.

So far so good. It took me about five minutes, not counting the time I spent copying menus and widgets into a Word file, which I didn’t need.

I’m going to start this year with a blog-a-day challenge.  Joss Burnel over at Crowing Crone Joss sent out an invitation and I accepted. I’m ready for some structure in my life. Don’t feel compelled to read all. I know a daily post from me about the weather or other minutiae can be tedious at best. I’ll try to make brilliant titles and add informative categories and tags so you can easily pick those posts you are interested in.

I’m also going to make every effort to keep my posts brief.





The sun and the moon

I got up the other morning to find the sun and the moon in the sky. It reminded me of the novel I was trying to wade through for the Goodreads Book Addicts group I belong to. The book was 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, and I was having a lot of trouble getting through it. I resorted to setting reading goals for myself, which on my Kindle amounted to percentages to read in a day.

In 1Q84 Murakami makes a reference back to the book 1984, which I never read, so maybe that was part of the problem. I think the bigger problem was that the story line moved at a snail’s pace and there was an over abundance of repetition. I found out from Amazon that the book was nearly 1000 pages long. Mr. Murakami did not need repetition. I might have liked it a lot better if it were half that length.

But there were a few interesting things in 1Q84, and one was the setting. The alternate time period that 1Q84 represented was set in a universe where there were two moons visible from earth.

Space and the universe is an awesome and scary thing if you take the time to really think about it. For example, in your mind try to journey to the end of the universe. Try to visualize where that is. This exercise can make the ground that you’re standing on shift. Very scary.

In a manner reminescent of Mr. Murakami, this was the long way around showing you two photos I took the other morning from the same location, just minutes, or even seconds apart, really.

The moon on the morning of January 15, 2012
The sun at the same time on the morning of January 15, 2012

If you would like to read the NY Times review of 1Q84, you can find it here.