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  • Where Memories Meet – Reclaiming my father after Alzheimer’s (September 2015)
    This memoir interweaves a daughter’s account of losing her father to Alzheimer’s with the oral history of his life.
    Available at Amazon
  • Dancing in Heaven – a sister’s memoir (October 2011)
    Severely disabled at birth, Annie now dances in heaven.
    This memoir about Annie’s life and death is a testament to the intrinsic value of human life.
    Available at Amazon.




  • Partner in Mission: No Job is too Small – Winter 2008
  • Partner in Mission: Building up the Home Missions –  Summer 2008
  • Rising to the Call – Glenmary Challenge – Summer 2008

RED! Webzine:


(Available from the Enquirer’s archives for a fee.)

  • Are women willing to give away feminism’s gains? – January 15, 2008
  • Don’t label homeless as “least of” – February 1, 2007
  • Guardian angels exist where you least expect them – December 24, 2006
  • There’s no such thing as normal – March 16, 2006
  • Heirloom sign auctioned at Kluesener Kayser event (Delhi Press) – December 29, 2004

12 thoughts on “My Work”

  1. You have an interesting blog. I’m requesting to follow you by email notification. It didn’t ask me to verify, so I’ll try again if it doesn’t seem to have worked.

  2. hey where exactly is the picture of the abandoned building and silo in the buffalo, ny area taken? it looks like a great place to shoot! thanks

  3. Ran across your blog concerning Mark’s bilateral TKR. I appreciate the “real world view” from someone who has gone through the surgery and from the person who lives with him. I will be having the same operation, bilateral, August 2013 and it is comforting to know it’s possible to return to normal!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tom. I’m glad you found the posts helpful. Good luck on your surgery. Several others have had the same surgery and commented that they also had good results with recovery. Everybody is different. I know it must be a scary idea, but if you devote yourself to your recovery and follow advice, you will be very glad you had the surgery. Mark is. He’s working outside today removing honeysuckle stumps from a hillside with a pick ax and shovel.

  4. Christine, are you the author of the Grote in Cincinnati website? If so, I was trying to reach you but your email doesn’t seem to work. Chris Grote

    1. Hi Chris.
      Yes. Sorry about that. I did the website for a class I was taking several years ago and I just recently bumped into it again and realized it has a defunct email address. I’m no longer a student at the school and I don’t know how to fix the site. It’s on the school’s server. I may try to reproduce the information on my blog.

      So, yes. Are we related?

      1. Hi Christine and Chris,
        Funny to bring up this family reunion but I also stumbled onto your old address today (my eamil bounced) and I’m a great-great grandson of Joseph Grote and Gertrude Niehaus. My great-grandmother, Mary Grote, married John Gosink in Reading, Ohio. I believe you listed them on your Grote/Niehaus family website. I clicked the email notifications buttons below in case you respond but you can also look me up on the website for UCSD. It would be great to speak with a great-great-grand (???) cousin.
        Eric Gosink

      2. Hi Eric,
        It’s good to hear from you. I no longer know how to update the Grote/Niehaus site I created as part of a web page design class I took years ago at a local college. I’m glad you found me.

        Joseph Grote was my husband’s great-grandfather. You must be in the next generation. We’ll have to compare notes.

        I am thinking about starting a genealogy blog for the Grote/Niehaus family to replace the website. I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

        Feel free to email me at

        I’ll check out the site you mentioned.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. Hi! Ran across your Blog about Mark’s Bilateral Knee Replacements. I, too, am scheduled for surgery in 7 weeks. My husband and I got uptight with each other today… just talking about the planning… and he asked if I would postpone it. I am not sure what to do but reading your info was very helpful. It’s so stressful just having it hang over our heads. I was glad to read a positive story about his recovery. Thanks for the real life details.


    1. You will be a different person afterwards. I understand your husband’s anxieties. I was petrified. I worried he wouldn’t be able to walk at all, and how would I save him if we had a fire or some other emergency. He was able to help himself pretty quickly. Good luck.


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