Where Memories Meet

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“Where Memories Meet is a powerful father/daughter love story depicting Alzheimer’s shattering effect on patients and their families.” Ann McCauley, Story Circle Book Reviews

“Grote holds nothing back, and instead opens the curtain wide to reveal what it’s like to love and care for someone with a debilitating disease.”–Trace Conger, author of The Shadow Broker and Scar Tissue

Where Memories Meet is two stories in one book. It is the author Christine Grote’s memoir of losing her father to Alzheimer’s, and her father Jerry’s account of the defining moments of his life. Christine’s story, beginning at the end of her father’s life and proceeding backwards in time, is interwoven with Jerry’s narration of his life from birth in the 1930’s.

Grote invites us into her parents’ home where accommodations are continually made for her father as he loses his memory, judgment, and mobility. She allows us into her heart as she struggles to accept and live with the loss of her father, often repressing her own memories of the man she once relied on to cope with the challenges posed by the man he was becoming.

As Alzheimer’s progressively steals her father’s memories, it also steals her own.

Grote’s unconventional story timeline allows her to move past memories of the heartbreak of Jerry’s last years, and in effect, reclaim her father after Alzheimer’s when she arrives at that place in time where memories meet.

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