After the rain

I ventured outside with my camera yesterday—the first day of sunshine in a long while. And lest there be any doubt, as Arthur and I stepped out onto the deck steps, we heard an animal underneath. As I descended the steps into the back yard, I saw the grounghog about a foot away behind the latticework scurrying back to its den under the stairs.

The irises are ready to burst into color. I can’t wait.

The lenten rose continues to bloom.

The azaleas we planted last year are full of buds with a couple in full bloom. They should be beautiful soon.

And the tulip tree continues to put on it’s show of pink blossoms.

I found some interesting flowers and plants along the edge of the woods. These little white wildflowers are abundant.

And so are these little yellow flowers. They make a natural border to the woods. They are more noticeable this year, and probably more abundant since Mark eliminated much of the honeysuckle along the edge last year.

I noticed these big-leaf plants last year and still don’t know what they are. (Postscript—Golden Ragwort according to a friend.)

This looks like some kind of trumpet vine down by the edge of the woods near the creek. I don’t know if this was planted intentionally or is a naturally occurring plant. Please feel free to enlighten me at any point.

This appears to be a landscaped section of the yard near the bottom. Last year it was overgrown and we cleared it to rescue these plants. They look like some kind of cross between a lily of the valley and a hosta. (Postscript—Solomon’s Seal. I saw these in a garden store.)

Here’s a close-up of the flower.

I did spy this small clump of lily of the valley back in the woods. I can’t imagine who would have intentionally planted it there, but I’m not sure how it got there otherwise. I am debating digging it up and moving it into my garden.

And finally, the peonies are budding, and apparently are making the black ants very happy. There is a big ant hill nearby that I discovered a couple of weeks ago by standing on it. One of the little buggers crawled up my leg inside my pants and bit me on the knee.

I hope the weather and ground dries out enough by next week so I can get back to work in my garden.

Hey, there’s a dog in my flower bed. He thinks he can pass himself off as a flower, but I’m not buying it.


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17 thoughts on “After the rain”

    1. I have been informed by two reliable sources that is is May Apple. The plants should each have one white blossom below the leaves soon. I’ll try to catch it.

  1. You are quite the photographer, a gift I wish I had but don’t. Paper and canvas seem to be more of the things I can handle. Beautiful and the words describing very nice as well.

  2. These are all lovely photos. It looks like it was a wonderful walk.

    The big-leaf plants in the 7th photo are may apples. They should have flowers soon. 🙂

  3. Ahhh spring…wherefore art thou? Every so slowly lifting its head here in the winter-laden climes of the Pacific Northwest…

    get thee here now!…hugmamma. 🙂


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