The Cooper’s Hawk shines golden

I was sitting on my front porch wooden rocker, reading, when I noticed a large bird swoop across the edge of my vision and land high up in the tree across the road. It immediately began to groom itself and I debated whether to go and get my camera. Many times hawks do not stay for long, so I decided to watch a little longer.

When the rays of the sun struck its breast, the great bird turned to gold.

I wanted to verify that it was either a Red-tailed Hawk, or a Cooper’s Hawk.  I hurried inside and back out to the driveway with my camera sporting my new telephoto photo lens that zooms to 300mm. Because I used that lens, and was able to crop in closely for web viewing where a low resolution is adequate, I was able to see and am able to show you this majestic Cooper’s Hawk.

Cooper's Hawk - March 13, 2012

Read more about the Cooper’s Hawk here.

24 thoughts on “The Cooper’s Hawk shines golden”

    1. The eyes are important to first see the bird, but the camera makes it happen. I had a 200mm lens and recently got the 300mm. It is much better.

  1. Thanks, everybody. And Carl, TMI. Ha ha. I actually had a thought about the dilemma of admiring the bird that I know is going to eat the little tufted titmice and chickadees at the first possible opportunity. Survival of the fittest.

  2. WOW! lovely photo.. I kind of envy you living with so many great birds in the trees near your home Christine.. they are beautiful birds and you did really well with this shot of the Hawk.. Hawks to me hold a special message.. so im extra happy I found him here.. Wishing you and yours a great week ahead.. I hope your own weekend was a good one.. I have had a super day here.. as my children came to visit as its Mother’s day here in the UK.. Blessings sent you way ~ Sue

    1. How nice. I didn’t realize your Mother’s Day was a different time than ours, but I guess it makes sense.

      I know when we eventually move from here I’m going to miss the birds and wildlife dreadfully. I appreciate it every day.

  3. Gorgeous bird, Christine!

    We’ve been seeing a good-sized owl on our evening walks . . . staked out in the same tree every night. Nature nurtures . . . when we nurture nature.


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