Time for grasshoppers

Grasshoppers dot the sun-warmed paved path every couple of yards or so where I walk Arthur beside the rippling lake on a cool autumn day. Arthur gets close and pokes his nose at one. It hops away.

Arthur scampers along beside me in the grass, his nose to the ground. Following a trail. His little white paws startle grasshoppers hiding there. Arthur ignores them.

I remember a long ago fall day on the river levy of my dad’s youth where we scampered along the hillside, our little Ked’s-clad feet startling the grasshoppers who hid there. Grasshoppers popping up all around us.

We set chase, catching them with bare hands then letting them go again. The thrill of the catch enough.

We had time for grasshoppers then.

Arthur-Oct 21-21

12 thoughts on “Time for grasshoppers”

    1. I wondered the same thing. He was a bit startled at first when the grasshopper jumped up an inch from his nose. But then he came to expect it, and eventually didn’t bother to look at them. He’s the same way with birds. He never chases birds. He knows he doesn’t stand a chance. Squirrels on the other hand. . .

  1. What a great memory, Christine. But I’m also so surprised you still have grasshoppers…. ours are long gone despite the fact we haven’t yet had a hard freeze (I think it’s coming this week). Sounds like you’ve had a mild fall as well.

    1. I enjoy hearing about how our seasons vary. I’ve always held New England as some kind of a romantic ideal. Your posts about the weather have been something of a reality check.


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