Is it my imagination or is it the first sign of autumn?

I looked out my kitchen door into the woods that shelter our yard and saw this tree.

Are those leaves on that elm tree turning yellow? I got a closer look.

Appears so. It’s a very early first sign of autumn.

Where does the time go?

What are the signs of fall for you? Do you see any yet?

17 thoughts on “Is it my imagination or is it the first sign of autumn?”

    1. I think when we took our son Matthew to Buffalo for his first co-op experience at Fisher Price, they got a lot of snow a few weeks after he was there. That would have been in September or early October.

      We had a big snowfall here once in October while the leaves were still on trees. As we had above-ground power lines at the time, there were lots of power outages as the weight of the snow on the leaves broke branches and ultimately power lines that were beneath them.

  1. It does seem that the transition from Spring ~> Summer ~> Fall is becoming shorter and Winter is becoming longer and more intense.

    And also that time is moving faster and faster and faster.

    Live today. Tomorrow may be too late. πŸ˜€

  2. Yes the Trees here too in the UK are already turning Christine.. I would say they are around 5 weeks earlier than normal.. Maybe Nature knows something more than we do… .. .. πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve noticed the smell of fall in the air from time to time. From the looks of the flower garden, summer is coming to an end. I, too, love fall, except for the ragweed; but I’ll be hanging onto summer as long as I can! Yours is not the first blog I’ve read today that mentioned signs of fall already.

  4. I’ve been seeing some early signs of autumn here. The goldenrod bloomed a few weeks ago, and some of the leaves on the trees started changing around the same time. I don’t mind an early fall season, but not sure how I feel if that means an early winter as well.

  5. Nah, it’s not your imagination. Not only are some of the trees turning already, but the geese are migrating as are other birds. The dogs are shedding like crazy, getting ready for their winter coats. If we were still in the Midwest, the redwing blackbirds would be gone several weeks by now.

    I’d written my own observations on this earlier in August (you were kind enough to post a comment too). I’m enjoying the cooler weather, but am SO not ready for winter to come.


    1. It’s interesting that you noticed the geese. I need to watch the skies more. Our first dog, Honey, used to shed a lot also, but Arthur doesn’t.

      I love the fall. And I don’t really mind winter at first, until I get tired of it after about two days. . .

  6. In the midwest we’re experiencing the Cicada bugs already! They normally aren’t out until mid to late August! I think the bugs know it will be an early fall!

    1. I don’t know. Everything seems to be blooming a little earlier this year. I sure hope we don’t rush through fall and end up with an extended winter. . .


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