Weekly photo challenge: Old

Gallarus Oratory, Dingle Pennisula, Ireland — 2003

The Gallarus Oratory, a miniature church, overlooks Smerwick Harbor on the Dingle Pennisula, Ireland. The Oratory is one of several features of the Early Christian and Medieval site, Kilmalkedar. The history of this site is associated with St Brendan, but the site is said to have been founded by St Maolcethair.

Gallarus Oratory was built some time between the 6th and 9th centuries.

“The simple dry-stone structure has remained waterproof and in near-perfect condition to the present day. . .The oratory is made only of local stones fitted carefully together, using no mortar to hold together. But small traces of mortar suggest the oratory may have originally been plastered inside and out. . .Like most of Ireland, the area suffered from attacks by successive invaders. Vikings and Anglo-Normans burned, pillaged and destroyed the settlements around Gallarus and the oratory was abandoned,”  www.sacred-destinations.com.

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