Where’s my stuff? — Anna moves to Chicago

Mark and I helped Anna move to Chicago at the beginning of March. Her new company gave her relocation money that included paying for the movers, so we didn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting as we have so many times in the past with her and our sons’ many moves over the years.

We drove to Chicago the day before the moving van was scheduled to arrive, Anna’s car packed with necessary and fragile items.


A new take on “bed-in-a-bag”

After arriving at her new apartment and lugging our survival supplies up three flights of stairs,

First stop - Chicago pizza
First stop – Chicago pizza

we headed out and walked a few blocks to Clark Street where amongst the shops, bakeries, and bars, we found Calo’s, a restaurant that served excellent Chicago-style pizza.

06-Basic necessities
The bare necessities

Well-armed with paper products, leftover pizza in the ‘frig, and our electronic devices,

01-floor seats

we settled in for the evening to wait the arrival of the moving van in the morning.

A rear window

The weather forecasters were calling for snow. No big surprise this year. You can barely see that the snow had started by morning.

Snow delay

These rear windows to Anna’s apartment tell the story. And the early morning arrival of the moving van became a hopeful wish,


and then a disappointment, as the day dragged on and Anna continued to ask, “Where’s my stuff?”

All the comforts of home

We passed the time and entertained ourselves with our iPhones in the comfort of collapsible lawn chairs.

Boxes and paper

Alas, the stuff arrives. It’s packed in boxes.


It’s on the bed,


in the bathroom,

09-odds and ends

and on every available surface area. But it is here. We spend the rest of the day helping Anna unpack with the goal in mind of emptying and then removing empty knocked-down-flat boxes so she wouldn’t be suffocated by stacks of disarrayed boxes in her cozy apartment. Then we tried out another local restaurant for dinner. In the morning Mark and I head south for home and our plane to Arizona in the morning. (The tickets for the Red’s spring training in Goodyear, AZ  purchased before any of Anna’s job-search and relocation were more than a passing gleam in her eye.)


We drove away, leaving Chicago, and Anna who was happily settling into her new home, behind–the yet-to-be-explored possibilities making it all worthwhile.


This post is part of a continuing series – Anna moves to Chicago.

24 thoughts on “Where’s my stuff? — Anna moves to Chicago”

    1. Yes. Me too. Although through the chaos, she caught some kind of virus and is a little under the weather, but marching forward even ‘tho.

  1. Chicago is such a fun city! It’s one of my favorite. M and I lived in the Chicago area while he was in grad school. Glad the move went well, and that Anna’s stuff arrived. The two big Chicago-style pizza places, and the best in my opinion, are Pizzeria Uno — the original — and Giordano’s. Chicago is known for their Italian Beef sandwiches, too. (Now I’m getting hungry!)

  2. This looks so familiar!!! We have so many moves under out belts with ourselves and with the boys that we can really identify with the paper plates, the lawn chairs, the air mattress beds and the empty echoey rooms! Good for Anna and good for her sweet parents who helped!!!! Can’t wait to see how it all ends up looking after settling in.

    1. I’ll be posting pictures soon. I know you know how it is. Most of us at this point in our lives do. I think I will be glad when we get past this stage, though.

    1. Amazingly, she whipped the apartment into shape pretty quickly. She had spent a lot of time prior to moving, going through her possessions and paring things down. Even though, I wondered if she was going to be able to find a place for everything. But, she has. She was motivated.

  3. Good luck to Anna! I got kind of claustrophobic, watching the progress of the move through your pictures, remembering the many moves we helped (and seem to still be helping) our children with. Ah, midlife experiences, indeed. You are great parents!

  4. Quite a journey, I would say, and you both are so wonderful to go with and then be able to turn and leave her to discover another path now in place for her. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Renee. It’s hard to let her go. She was the one of our four children that I thought I could count on to be around. Oh well. I am happy for her. I guess that’s the way it is with parents.

      1. My oldest daughter takes a trip to the ocean for the weekend and I still worry about her and she is nearly 37 years old. When she moved back East for a time some years back I had such a hard time of it. We will always be moms. Take care.

  5. I used to love moving…new adventures, new possibilities…but that was when I was younger. A lot younger. Glad she’s up for the new adventure, glad her stuff arrived. Should be fun this summer exploring.

  6. moving never seems to happen without a hitch, or two and sometimes even more. Family, good food, and a chuckle here and there make it all come together though and months later we somehow forget the aggravating bits!

    1. We are traveling more than we’d like, to tell the truth. But some trips were scheduled before everyone decided to play musical jobs and cities. Two more moves to go. Our son Matthew and his wife are moving here from Buffalo in a few weeks, and our youngest son graduates from college at the end of the month and will likely be moving somewhere. I prefer calm to all these transitions. But I guess that’s what happens when you have four children.


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