A Review: It Rains in February by Leila Summers

It Rains in February: A Wife's Memoir of Love and LossIt Rains in February: A Wife’s Memoir of Love and Loss by Leila Summers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It Rains in February, the story of author Leila Summers’ journey with a severely depressed husband intent on ending his life is a compelling story. In some ways I felt like I was on a speeding train headed for a certain crash ahead, but with no way off.  And no way to stop the train.

Sometimes there is nothing we can do.

Through sharing her thoughts, feelings, hopes, struggles, and desperate actions along this fateful journey to try to save her husband’s life, Summers gives us all the great gift of a beam of light shed upon one of the most inconceivable tragedies anyone ever has to face—the loss of a loved one to suicide.

“Why did she do it?” “How could he possibly do it?” “I can’t believe she did it.” We all ask these questions when we hear someone has taken his or her own life.

After reading It Rains in February, you may not understand one thing more than you do today about suicide or the possibility of prevention. But you might gain a glimpse into the heart and soul of a tortured man and the helpless and hopelessness of a woman who loved him beyond reason, who made every valiant attempt to save him, and who, in the end, could only suffer the blow.

This book will stay with me a long time.

My gratitude to both Leila Summers and Robyn for her courage in telling the tale.

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9 thoughts on “A Review: It Rains in February by Leila Summers”

  1. Thank you for this review. I have a friend who has lost three friends to suicide so I will pass this on to her.

    1. You’re welcome. Suicide has hit pretty close to home for me too. It helped me understand a bit more. I hope she finds it helpful. That’s pretty bad luck.

      1. suzicate did, and it was (both helpful and bad luck). i’ve read a couple of different books by survivors and none has captured the chill of experiencing the oncoming storm and the resulting destruction like It Rains In February. it’s a difficult experience to express in words, but Leila Summers managed to walk through the storm and for a few days, pull me in right along with her.

      2. I’m glad you liked the book and that Suzicate brought it to your attention. Someone close to me has lost a life partner to suicide this year. It’s been very difficult. If that is your situation, my heart goes out to you.

      3. not a life partner ~ my three closest male friends. over the past two years. two of them in the last couple of months. one my high school sweetheart. all beautiful, successful, well-loved men. they are teaching me about life ~ it is a journey that we have to walk through in order to weather.

  2. Excellent review, Christine.

    I had a friend growing up who became a schizophrenic. It finally led him to take his life. I know that it’s really left a huge hole in the lives of his parents and brother.

    1. It’s such a tragedy for everyone involved. Unfortunately, we’ve been going through that here with a close family friend. It’s been very hard.


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